About Matt

profile-picMatthew Riddell has experience on projects ranging from small urban developments to major arterial and interstate highways. He has been involved with every phase of the design process including alignment studies, field surveys, drainage design, geometric design, maintenance of traffic, right of way, utility relocation, and final plan development. Furthermore, he is experienced in acting as City Engineer for small communities, where his duties in this capacity encompassed managing the entire transportation program for these agencies (roadway design, stormwater management, road inventory, construction administration/inspection and roadway maintenance project development).

Additionally, he is highly experienced in drainage engineering, involving various rural and urban projects. Matt has extensive knowledge in both hydrologic and open and closed hydraulic system analysis. He has served as chief hydrologist while conducting and managing seven floodplain and floodway studies, which were submitted to and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He is also experienced in conducting and submitting stormwater master plans for urban communities.

He currently provides project management services for transportation related design and long-range planning projects on Native American lands and are conducted for either the Bureau of Indian Affairs or individual Tribal entities. Matt manages Native American projects throughout the U.S. in a variety of climates, settings and topography. Native American communities are steeped in sacred practices and spiritual traditions. All too often, the design of new facilities is neither sensitive to the sacred nor reflective of the traditional. As a result, many Native American community members may feel uncomfortable with and lack trust in the non-traditional services provided by these facilities. Matt’s goal is to design culturally appropriate projects with particular respect to religious and sacred grounds, working closely with the elders, spiritual leaders, and interested citizens.